Joan Ruth Smith Stout

Joan Ruth Smith Stout
March 16, 1931 -September 5, 2007

Our Message

Joan Ruth Smith Stout passed away on September 5, 2007. She was my beloved mother and grandmother of the beautiful girls pictured to the right, Kim, Tiffany, Tara, Chelane, Stephanie, Tristen, Sara, Telisa, Mikel, Jenny and Ashling. My mother died due to complications from malnourishment, or in other words, an eating disorder. I believe it started in her teens and she was completely unaware of the insidious disease that took route in her mind. She was somehow blessed to give birth to four children, three boys and a girl. Joan loved her children with devotion and passion even though much of the time, she felt poorly. Stomach problems, headaches and heart palpitations were a daily occurrence for her. As her only daughter, I was oblivious to her plight until my very own sweet daughter started on that same journey in her teens. By then my mom had been suffering from her eating disorder for a good fifty years, and there was no redirecting her thoughts. Unfortunately for me, I was angry for a while when I realized that the route of all her illnesses was through lack of nutrition. That was shameful on my part, and I am sure that only added to my mom's illness. I hope she knows now how foolish I was. However, through the journey of Telisa's eating disorder, the girls in our family have learned much, especially Telisa! It is for this reason that we collectively, as Joan's Girls, are choosing to send the message out to the world of what real beautiful bodies need to support good physical and mental health!!!!!!! We watch with horror the unhealthy and unattractive images on TV, Movies, Magazines etc. We witness some of our dear friends struggle with body image issues, and frankly we are sick of the comparing and obsessing over one's size versus one's health!! We believe in good health, we believe in eating the food provided for us by our Heavenly Father, we believe in balance and moderation, we believe in exercise in moderation, we also believe the best exercise is done while serving others, we believe that God created many types of bodies and we thank Him for that! We believe in modesty and we believe that our bodies are a gift from Heavenly Father! We believe that true beauty comes from within. All of Joan's granddaughters are true beauties. Our legacy to her will be our commitment to the TRUTH of what is beautiful and praiseworthy. We seek after these things. We will strive for good health and the truth in all we do!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Here's a fun craft idea for our next girls trip perhaps! I'm thinking we should plan a girls trip in the fall, 2nd week in October at the St. George house. What do you think?

Heather Bailey, the most cutting-edge fabric and surface designer in the industry, shows us how to create a sassy fabric flower made entirely from sewing scraps.

To find instructions on how to create Heather's fabric flower visit her website at .

Heather Bailey is a playful and inventive designer of all things happy. With a B.A. in Apparel Design and a knack for style, Heather has run successful businesses in both children's and women's accessories. Her designs were eagerly snatched up by celebrities and were offered by many of the world's most exclusive stores including Fred Segal, Henri Bendel, and Bloomingdales, as well as high-end boutiques in Japan, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Fresh and imaginative, Heather's designs have been featured in top fashion magazines, such as InStyle, Glamour, Seventeen, and Mademoiselle. Her work has also been showcased by the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA), in recognition of her artistry and superior construction techniques.

Creative expression is one of the great joys of Heather's life and her hands are never still. Sewing and crocheting by the age of eight, and quilting by eleven, Heather has a long-standing love for traditional women's handicrafts. Over the years, her interests have grown to include knitting, spinning, weaving, stained glass, upholstery, ceramics, bead making, faux finishing, silver smithing, painting and children's illustration. Designing for different mediums, Heather has honed a smart and lively aesthetic that infuses every aspect of her art.

Through all her adventures, sewing has remained Heather's grand passion. This passion and Heather's flair for art and color, have now happily married in fabric design. Freshcut™, Heather's all-original debut collection for Free Spirit, demonstrates Heather's talent for modern design, as well as her love for vintage nostalgia.

Heather is a busy young mother of two. Her children come first, but when they're content, Heather is busily sketching fabric designs, dreaming up new projects and patterns, and recording it all on her weblog.

To Heather, "Handicrafts foster a feeling of sisterhood among women. From quilting bees to craft blogs, I'm thrilled to be a part of the growing movement toward creative community."


Discover more about Heather's fabric designs, sewing pattern line, and scrapbooking supplies at, or for free project patterns and sewing tips visit her blog at:

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Sept 11th 8-6pm at Noah's South Jordan
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